Modular Kitchen

From appliances to aesthetic appeal, designing a kitchen for the smart women of today is a challenge. Be it choosing from the bold colors or the latest trends to investing in the right appliances, you require an expert to assist you. And it is here that Green Interio Fusion comes to play. We bring you the latest of trends in kitchen interiors to suit your space and budget. If you love a clean, clutter-free functional kitchen, you need a modular kitchen to add that touch of sophistication.  

Functional and easy to use, the Modular kitchens can be tailor-made to suit your spaces.  But to do that you need to know what choices you get in the market. Modular kitchen cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can also be customizable to make the kitchens user-friendly. The most popular modular kitchen shapes are the parallel layout, the island-shaped layout, the U shaped modular design, the L Shaped – and you can make it a blend of two layouts depending on the space and the necessity.  The modular kitchens come as different cabinets classified as the base unit, the wall unit, the tall unit, and the mid unit. The base unit comes below the kitchen counter and can be used to store utensils and essentials. The wall and overhead cabinets can be kept to organize a clutter-free kitchen. At Green Interio Fusion, we help you choose the right Modular Kitchen depending on your requirements and available spaces.