Canopy & Pergola

Are you someone who loves to sit outside the house, drink your morning coffee and read the newspaper while watching life go by? If you do, it is ideal to invest in a pergola or a canopy depending on the space available because they both provide the much-needed shade and privacy.

Pergolas dates back to the Italian Renaissance era. Defined as an outdoor structure supported by a roofing grid – the pergola can either be a freestanding structure or attached to a house.   A properly designed patio and a pergola together can seamlessly integrate your home with the gardens. There are beams and rafters that go into making a pergola – and if you add a glass ceiling – it can double up as a car porch too.  The canopy, on the other hand, is a more streamlined structure.

We will visit the place and give you suggestions on what will suit your home depending on the space available. Give us a call.